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Saving babies from S.I.D.S.. How to advance kids in Math in school.. How to incorporate environmental sustainability on a global scale.

Design/build a gigantic air filter that was self sustaining and put in certain areas per a enviromental engineer in say areas in the united states such as Los Angeles where smog is accumulative. It would be so hi up in the air say on top of ALL skycrapers and the wind up there is so prevalent that you wouldnt have to power it and when it rained it would clean the filters itself.. thus reducing smog and pollutants in major cities. The other idea I came up with 20 years ago was while I was looking at a satellite picture of San Francisco that autocad had of a .jpg file on my computer in my engineering firm I said to my self.. no one ever sees the top of buildings except aircraft.. why not put trees or certain type of plants up there to help the ozone layer and clean the air per a enviromental standpoint gov. law, etc.. now they are starting to barely see this from what I saw on tv. Only someone like Bill Gates can help me with this or someone in the government or someone with power.. all my ideas involve red tape and government involvement. recently I have really been giving them away for example I gave one to the u.s. gov military intelligence... one i gave to microsoft and one to ford motor company.. I have one to save babies lives that have died from S.i.d.s (sudden infant death syndrome) really taking existing technologies and putting them together in ways no one has ever thought of.. for example the idea in the car commercial that senses heartbeats and notifys the woman who gets off work via wirelessly through her remote keyless entry via a red blinking light that a intruder is in her car.. take that technology and put it in baby cribs for newborns to monitor breathing and heart rate and a alarm will go off to save kids from dying of s.i.d.s.... I have SEVERAL more ideas that would literally change the world in a positive significant and OUTSTANDING way. One that would bring the WHOLE world together as a whole. Make a classroom desk into a flatscre

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    May 14 2011: The entertainment industry i.e. movies, sitcoms, advertising need to glamourize math in the U.S. to kids to bring up the desire for success. I didnt get enough characters to type the rest of my ideas..