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Islam and Evolution

There is no contradiction between Islam and Evolution. On the contrary there is evidence for evolution in Islam and in the history of Islamic civilization.
Islam and religion is not a scientific book. It is a way of life and how to live in harmony with all humanity. Islam urges us to use our brains and to think in a scientific way. If there is a scientific discovery that is absolutely true (although even science is relative). we don't have to find its proof in religious texts. If the religious texts contradicts the scientific facts. It means that we do not understand the religious text.


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    Feb 18 2011: Believe in science, if you like, you will have plenty of company. It is, however, an anthema to science to harbor "beliefs". The scientific method works on hypothesis, not belief. Beliefs skew your data, or at least your perception of your data. There is no data on God. None to skew. All perceptions are subjective. If you have faith, it isn't science.

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