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Long term relationships with plants

I believe in taking care of our earth as much as the earth takes care of us, and i believe in doing something you love everyday and progressing in it, for me it is, Snowboarding and Surfing at times skateboarding, the're amazing ways to stay active connect with nature and progress at something, i believe in trust and long term relationships. i am 22 and now at this age i have lost a lot of my trust for other humans, i have found that i can trust plants, that they are highly aware and compassionate and devotional and have found that moving through my life with a connection with them helps me and my relationships with humans to be much more gratifying, i feel safe and secure and can invest a good amount of my love into them without feeling fear of losing it, and they are not jealous and are happy to have either women or friends into the relationship and they help me feel confident and reliable and secure enough to come into relationship with people and give more love out with no fear of losing my source of devotion, which helps keep me keep in integrity as well as help me to be less susceptible to feelings of blame, anger, inadequacy, and and urge to withdraw from the world. and to go along with this topic i still am vulnerable, but just to something that i can trust. thank you and please post your opinions on this topic

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    May 14 2011: Have you even been zapped by a stinging plant? Or eaten a mushroom you shouldn't have? Or been laid up with poison ivy? Plants have their own defenses, their own parasites, their own struggle to stay on top and survive. This is not to say I don't agree with you, just wanting to level the playing field for your fellow humans.
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    May 31 2011: I agree an extend that feeling.
    HUM an comes from the same root meaning as
    HUM us (soil or fertile biomass) and also
    HUM id water
    we are the same plus some potentials for incredible creative and co create conscious relations with a synergetic
    result like no other.
    And plants have co created HUMANS to take care of their propogation in every manner as much as humans have thought they created food plants etc for their own needs.
    humans and we are photosynthetic being. Bio Photon receivers and emitters.
    I have personallyplanetd tens of thousands of trees and plants in the normal cycle of daily life and it is the most renewing adn healthy of all participatory events.
    From Paul Hawken's work to Michaelpollan to hundreds of other contemporary plant / human proponents and artists we have new examples to define what plants mean to humans and what huamns can mean to plants.
    what could compare to a redwood in sheer dynamics.
    I have drank over 50,000 coconuts in this lifetime and give back the generous gift byplanting more...and wheter we are planting trees for shade of to preventsoil eropision and retain water and minerals or for food or most of all for sheer beauty there really ar eno more important aspects of our lives than plant relationships
    Would love to carry this co creative converstion further
    Elan Sun Star Hawaii
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    May 30 2011: I am very fond of horticulture, and feel very strongly about my fruits and veggies, but if we are talking about true love here, then I would have to say that my guitar is my goddess. Her name is only loosely translatable from her native language but essentially means "Meek and Mousy Axe of Prismatic Destiny", she was named after her mother, whom was killed in a horrific lumber accident. Some may say that I am anthropomorphizing, but we are in love and I hope that one day we can be married. I can not think of having a baby with anyone except her, in fact we just spent the last few hours making sweet sweet musical love babies. I share a deeper connection with my guitar than I have ever felt with another person. We know each-other's strengths and weaknesses, ebbs and flows, highs and lows; she responds in kind to my every move, and I know just how she likes to be played. Sometimes she likes it soft and melodic, other times raw and in public. I wouldn't say that we are exhibitionists, we just like to share our love with others and sometimes make musical babies on park benches and sometimes even church steps. Our relationship began on rocky terms, I had been in an abusive relationship with my drums, a passionate whirlwind that sometimes went to far and left everyone bruised; my guitar taught me patience and gentleness. I like to say that the difference in my relationship with the two is of psychological importance. The one you hit an kick, the other is plucked and strummed. While I love them both, I cannot say equally for my guitar has stolen my heart.
  • May 22 2011: Very interesting idea that Cody has about plants and relationships! Cody, what kind of plants have taught you this? I am very curious and interested. My own experience with plants has been full of life lessons as well. @Lynn, I hear you! YES to the poison ivy and once is enough. My general thoughts having just planted a garden last week is that it takes so much TLC: thought, planning, care, constant attention and love, hope and compassion, forgiveness and letting go when things don't turn out as planned...IMAGINE if we all put as much TLC and blind faith and hope and pure energy into our relationships as we do with our plants and our's that ideal vision where everyone and everything would be cared for, no matter how vulnerable it makes one feel. Long days of gardening have left me greatly vulnerable, and greatly gratified. Guess it's a process that goes hand in hand. And by the way, plants DO get jealous! LOL!
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    May 30 2011: HI Cody!
    I thought i would share my ideas about plants with you because I saw that you were revitalizing this discussion on Meher's thread.One of the very first times I ever made my former husband of 28 years angry was over my neglecting a plant that he had bought me. It died. I was young and I said to him 'plants are not like people or animals- they don't talk to me!"

    As time went on, I learned to listen in new ways to both people and plants to understand what they need and I have learned to be renewed and revitalized by experiencing them more fully. In my front window of my living room I have a bow window that is perfect for growing orchids and their long blooming beauty give me a quiet joy. I have a yard full of plants now that enrich my life. I give them a little and they give me a lot.

    Thanks for your vulnerability that started this thread- two times in fact. One when you started it and wrote your fine words above and once when you reminded others about it on Meher's thread.
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    May 16 2011: That's certainly a beautiful connection you have with plants, I can't say i have the same connection or the love for plants as you may have but i have a deep set respect and fondness for them and have had a few plants be as close friends. and they are a whole lot easier to deal with than any human and a whole lot more honest with no noisy ego to deal with. its hard to trust anything, because everything can be lost and almost anything can betray you but life is nit fir the easy.
    On an awareness, emotional and more metaphysics level there' a lot that can be learned and even more shared, but unfortunately is taken for granted or just shrugged off. I have a particular fondness and respect for trees, cacti and a few others like venus fly traps.

    In a shaky life its critical to find some solid ground to trust be it plant be it animal be it an object a place person or otherwise.

    i just got a baby ivy plant named it lilth, I am not the best with plants but i try to listen better, and hope it wont die. :)
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    Jun 3 2011: Thanks for your comments the're all very good, that's funny Debra that was one of the few times your husband got mad at you for neglecting the plant, i'm sure it had a lot to do with the fact his intention behind the plant was to strengthen your bond, i have used my plants a lot for that same purpose in my relationship, and i absolutely agree, you don't need to give them much for them to give you a lot. and your relationship to your guitar is kinda like my relationship to my surfboard, or snowboard, i care for them greatly and they help me express myself through their genius. i've recently started thinking that a simple but worthy goal in this life is to give more then i take, and i believe planting trees, fruits, vege's and even coconut trees are a great means for doing so, i some times think about a lot of the humans today including me at times, veging out in front of the TV and basicaly wasting life force and the life force of those who believe in me including my plants to be selfishly entertained, while plants and trees are basically always in a state of meditation to make this world more beautiful to live in as well as learning how to harness one of the greatest givers of all times gifts, the Sun. IF i can plant enough trees and plants to support the happiness and nutrition of many, then i will Die a Happy fulfilled Human, and sadly enough it may be my greatest accomplishment.
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      Jun 4 2011: Planting all those trees and making the world more beautiful while helping to add good things to the air is a goal to be proud of Cody. Thanks for bringing your sweet spirit here!
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    May 30 2011: Go out into the bush bud,touch it where it really is,smell it,dig your fingers into it,listen to it,our plants at home they're only as good as how much love you show them,ever been in a thunderstorm up in a set of ranges?the bush comes alive when your high up and the lightning crashes.Ever come across places where no birds or insects sing?Go walkabout but don't get lost.
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    May 24 2011: I agree i have felt, my plants not so much get jealous, but expect to keep a certain amount of my devotion, and i give them a portion, but i don't know many close relationships you can have like that where they don't mind being a part of your intimate family, they also have some pretty clear pure love, and can filter a lot of the hardships of daily life as far as negative vibrations pretty well. i have some times in my life where i can feel a psychic confrontation, and they sit there with me with devotion and compassion and love for me, as well as not spreading any negativity to make things worst. and one of the great things about them as well is, humans gain their strength from consuming other living beings or relationships with hopefully unselfish humans, while plants have harbored a way to gain chi through the most unselfish being i know of, the Sun, they have so much to bring to the table. i'm a vegetarian so i try not to get any venus fly traps or any carnivorous plants. and lynn all those attributes you mentioned were defense mechanisms, as i would say just about all beings have them. cassandra kinsfather, i love what you said "In a shaky life its critical to find some solid ground to trust be it plant be it animal be it an object a place person or otherwise." that's what plants are too me, to create a family to grow on, and they incorporate other relationships and animals and whatever it my be in a higher vibrational, comfortable trusting field, when fellow humans sense that safety and devotion and trust, they are attracted to it. and although plants can get slightly jealous they keep it all together in a brilliant loving beautiful complex way better then i know a lot of beings to be able to do, I'm sure lilth loves you very much especially since you named her, thank you for your comments and thoughts, i'm currently in a room with not a lot of light, so i have two huge Spathiphyllums named Paravati and Shakti, two regular sizes named Love and Ayla. thank you