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Long term relationships with plants

I believe in taking care of our earth as much as the earth takes care of us, and i believe in doing something you love everyday and progressing in it, for me it is, Snowboarding and Surfing at times skateboarding, the're amazing ways to stay active connect with nature and progress at something, i believe in trust and long term relationships. i am 22 and now at this age i have lost a lot of my trust for other humans, i have found that i can trust plants, that they are highly aware and compassionate and devotional and have found that moving through my life with a connection with them helps me and my relationships with humans to be much more gratifying, i feel safe and secure and can invest a good amount of my love into them without feeling fear of losing it, and they are not jealous and are happy to have either women or friends into the relationship and they help me feel confident and reliable and secure enough to come into relationship with people and give more love out with no fear of losing my source of devotion, which helps keep me keep in integrity as well as help me to be less susceptible to feelings of blame, anger, inadequacy, and and urge to withdraw from the world. and to go along with this topic i still am vulnerable, but just to something that i can trust. thank you and please post your opinions on this topic


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    Jun 3 2011: Thanks for your comments the're all very good, that's funny Debra that was one of the few times your husband got mad at you for neglecting the plant, i'm sure it had a lot to do with the fact his intention behind the plant was to strengthen your bond, i have used my plants a lot for that same purpose in my relationship, and i absolutely agree, you don't need to give them much for them to give you a lot. and your relationship to your guitar is kinda like my relationship to my surfboard, or snowboard, i care for them greatly and they help me express myself through their genius. i've recently started thinking that a simple but worthy goal in this life is to give more then i take, and i believe planting trees, fruits, vege's and even coconut trees are a great means for doing so, i some times think about a lot of the humans today including me at times, veging out in front of the TV and basicaly wasting life force and the life force of those who believe in me including my plants to be selfishly entertained, while plants and trees are basically always in a state of meditation to make this world more beautiful to live in as well as learning how to harness one of the greatest givers of all times gifts, the Sun. IF i can plant enough trees and plants to support the happiness and nutrition of many, then i will Die a Happy fulfilled Human, and sadly enough it may be my greatest accomplishment.
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      Jun 4 2011: Planting all those trees and making the world more beautiful while helping to add good things to the air is a goal to be proud of Cody. Thanks for bringing your sweet spirit here!

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