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LIVE TED Conversation: Join TED Speaker Eli Pariser

LIVE conversation with Eli Pariser, TED Speaker and author of The Filter Bubble, a fascinating look at the effects of online personalization.

The conversation will open at 12 Noon (Eastern Standard Time), May 14, 2011 with the question:

What should companies like Facebook and Google prioritize besides "relevance"?

ADMIN EDIT: Eli has requested that we keep the conversation and discussion open past the 1 hour mark. He will be checking in periodically and answering questions, and is looking forward to continuing a great TED Conversation!


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  • May 14 2011: According to self-identity theory, a person is a combination of an individual-self and a collective-self. The entire western world is moving towards an individualization of self. Young adults move out of their parents home, not because of lack of space but a desire to be on his/her own. There is an increasing number of pets as company instead of another human being. Maintainence of collective-self of persons remained a duty of the government and larger organizations. These were examples in the material world. Whereas, in your argument, the virtual world of information is isolating individuals in their own buble.

    First, the development of the internet is following the pattern of the western development. Second, even theoretically, one individual cannot be virtually present in many communities. For instance, if I got newsfeed of Afghanistan/Pakistan, Egypt, Japan Nuclear Crisis, NASA discoveries, Euro football championship, NBA matches, Cricket matches of Australia and West Indies, Russian spy involvment in Georgia, Chinese growth, etc., what could I make out of them?

    I don't want to be locked in a room, but I don't want to be thrown in the space too.

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