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Imagine our world's greatest minds working together for an optimal educational system based on rationalism. Could this be realistic?

Just an idea:
Math = universial language (w/History)
Communication = 1st and 2ndary language and ways to communicate.(w/History)
Science = geology, cosmology, everything we so far know of nature.(w/History)
Rationalism = Psychology, Philosofy and generally Religion. (w/History)
History = From what have been we can forsee what will be.
Health = Sports, 1st aid, human fuel and the making of it.

Im no expert nor highly educated but in my mind this can be possible and benefitial to all human kind. Everyone in this world are what they are because of enviroment and knowledge (ok some genes too^^) which can be altered, twisted and whatnot. Meaning if rational and objective knowledge is presented to individuals from an early state, those individuals will have a even more rational way of thinking than todays education system can breed, which I imagine can lead to even better educational system for future generations. Hopefully this might lead to a global understanding of nature and universe making humans more focused on what really is important. Human survival in the long run.
Just a thought...

Romvesen (rom = space, vesen = creature)

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    May 14 2011: Would you leave any room for irrational thought development?
    • May 15 2011: I dont think its possible not to be/think irrational at all. So naturally the room is there. Maybe in a rational based enviroment, irrationality can be a good thing for improovement and evolvement.