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Who inspires you? Who is your role model ?

There are many people who inspire us. As a child, we think of being an astronaut searching for kryptonite, a biologist searching for rare spieces or a physicist who aims to decipher the rules of universe or an artist redoing Mona Lisa. Behind each such dream there are heros, real world heros. I hope I would not be wrong, if I say that Feynmann singlehandedly inspired a whole generation of (then to be) physicts. Books of Stephan J. Gould and Richard Dawkins made arcane rules of nature understandable and logical. Who are your heros and how did they inspire you ?

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    May 15 2011: My inspiration comes from:

    - Chogyam Trungpa
    - Andrzej Sapkowski
    - Matthieu Ricard
    - Atul Gawende
    - Dzongsar Khyentse
    - Sakyong Mipham
    - Thich Nhat Hanh
    - Ken Robinson
    - Ajahn Brahmavamso
    - Monty Python's Flying Circus :)
    - Josh Waitzkin
    - Moses McCormic
    - My parents
    • May 15 2011: Monty Python :- They even inspired programmers to name a programming language after it. Python.
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    May 14 2011: I admire the humble people who do what is right in the face of great obstacles. The women in famine who find a way to feed their kids, the fathers in war torn places who give their lives to protect their families, the person who exposes wrong doing and faces the consequences. I admire all the unsung heroes.

    I wote the above and then found this TEDx talk. This spoken word poet makes my point far, far better than I did.

    • May 15 2011: I agree, superman are not from krypton, they are from earth. They can get hurt, but they continue fighting injustice.
  • May 26 2011: Feynman. I want to be like him
  • May 25 2011: Hi Sulav,

    My greatest inspiration came from the works of Bruce Lee. His constant motivation and passion for what he loved among many other achievements, really inspired me to do the same in my life.
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    May 17 2011: Yi Sun-sin, who was the Korean navy admiral in the Joseon Dynasty. Why does inspire me? He had never ever been defeated in the war. At the battle of Myeongryang, he had defeated more than 133 enemy ships with only 13 ships. Many people think this battle just a legend but this is a historical fact.

    Please watch this video :
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    May 15 2011: Karen Armstrong
    • May 17 2011: @Helen can you explain in what way did she inspire you ?
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        May 18 2011: @sulav...................Yes, the first book I read authored by her really made me think. It was "The History of God". Reading it made me realize that the idea of what God is keeps evolving even as human beings physically evolve. The second book The Case for God, is so scholarly that I could not put it in a few words. Ms. Armstrong is a former nun who left the convent and is now a Jewish scholar at Cambridge University in England. She had an idea and it evolved into a Charter for Compassion which I have signed and committed to living as I hope all of us do. You can find her on TED.
        • May 19 2011: Hi Helen, I have seen her talk and it is definitely an inspiring one. Since she inspired you, would like you ask you some more questions. 8-). In comparision to the atheist movement lead by Richard Dawkins and others, she seemed to provide a rather tolerant and open-minded alternative to religious people. Can one draw similarities between Richard Dawkins and Karen ? In what way do they differ ? Since you read her books, is it an objective analysis or subjective analyis ? Can it be worth reading for an atheist like me ?
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        May 19 2011: Sulav..............I really don't think there is much in common with Karen and Dawkins. Both are commited to a view.................He is a very aggressive, militant person and I would think he is probably an angry person. (Just my opinion) She on the other hand is a peaceful type of personality who is interested in providing something that everyone can subscribe to that would create world peace if we all took it seriously. I think that almost anything that we do is in part subjective.......after all it is our belief. (:>) I believe that her books are worth your consideration.
        • May 20 2011: Thank you ! "Almost anything that we do is in part subjective :)"
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    May 14 2011: A lot of people inspire me, historical, fictional and real ones...

    - Carl Sagan
    - Monkey D Luffy
    - Stanley Kubrick
    - Jezus
    - Bachus
    - Pallas Athena
    - Tyler Durden
    - E.T. Jayness
    - Etienne Vermeersch
    - My parents, siblings, family,
    - some teachers I had
    - a lot of the TED speakers
    - a lot of scientists and philosophers (Newton, Darwin, Wittgenstein as influential ones)
    - Inventors and Artists...

    How can one have but only one role model?
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      • May 25 2011: Great response....Honoring and inspiring are two different things for me though. While I myself, honor my parents more than anything, I don't feel the same way with my inspiration. Our parents made lots of mistakes, well mine did anyway! After thinking about this a little bit with regards to Christopher Cop, I don't think you can have just one. Guess it all depends on what you think "Role Model" means. Love you Mom and Dad!
    • May 15 2011: I think we do have many role models. Parents and siblings are surely the ones that inspire us. There are some who simply push you to next level, inspire you to be yourself02.
  • May 14 2011: Did you guys also have same relation with you parents and grand parents, as Richard Feynmann had
    with this dad ?
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    May 14 2011: the best role model would be our parents and they should really set a good example as they are the closest people to us.
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    May 14 2011: It's my father who was never a prolific figure in any way in society rather a simple honest man but was all the time infront of me in whom never saw hypocrisy.