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Regulating traffic accidents with music

I have found on numerous times that when i drive my car, depending on the music I listen and drive accordingly to the music beats and tempo.

What I am suggesting is a driving radio station, which can be on the phone of the users, and plays them music according to the street the people are in.

So suppose a user is waiting on traffic lights then the Gps of the mobile can detect that and start playing music that is calm and relaxing as he accelerates the music can be changed to something with more beat.

This can be done very easily, i have already been developing a website that searches music on mood or keyword (http://www.ilovethismusic.com/Song/Search?q=calm&searchType=Mood&songFormat=2).

All that would be left to be done would be a mobile application.

Anyway this is just some random idea I had, if you think you can improve on it please comment.

Update: I also think this could go nicely with automatic driving concepts.


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    May 13 2011: I think it`s a very good idea,but maybe there`s some defects.Because not everyone would like the song choose by your system, if they were listening a favorite song ,then suddenly been changed for another ,maybe they would feel upset.
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      May 14 2011: This should not be a problem because the user can preselect his favorite music or the application can learn about his favorite music from his facebook profile.
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        May 22 2011: Might as well just build an entire music synthesizing program that has something like a thirty second variation timing where that the music would be made from tones and tempos that can be changed in a linked way. This way you driving song doesn't end, it just adapts to the situation. Then you can add parameters for different driving scenarios, such as if the driver is read to be driving aggressively the tempo can be slowed or the octave could be lowered seamlessly.

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