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Regulating traffic accidents with music

I have found on numerous times that when i drive my car, depending on the music I listen and drive accordingly to the music beats and tempo.

What I am suggesting is a driving radio station, which can be on the phone of the users, and plays them music according to the street the people are in.

So suppose a user is waiting on traffic lights then the Gps of the mobile can detect that and start playing music that is calm and relaxing as he accelerates the music can be changed to something with more beat.

This can be done very easily, i have already been developing a website that searches music on mood or keyword (

All that would be left to be done would be a mobile application.

Anyway this is just some random idea I had, if you think you can improve on it please comment.

Update: I also think this could go nicely with automatic driving concepts.

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    May 18 2011: This is a great idea as it’s very true that music can change your mood. The main problem here is that one man’s “soothing music” can be another man’s “noise” as the interpretation of what is ‘music to the ears’ is affected by so many variables including culture, background and past experiences. However, if the user could select the right music for the way he/she wishes to drive, then problem solved I guess...
  • May 13 2011: interesting idea. although in stop-and-go traffic the constant changes in music could be really annoying. I've wondered a lot about the difference in traffic speed when a really popular radio station plays fast vs. slow music. surely, if 3 out of 10 cars are listening to the same fast song, traffic speeds up a little?
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      May 14 2011: H mm this could be an issue, the transition in music would need to be very smooth. I have wondered about that with the radio station also. I think somebody should make a Ted talk about that phenomena.
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    May 22 2011: It would be a really neat way to experience a city, especially if you had music from the local musicians.

    As far as a tool for driving I don't really see that taking off.
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    May 21 2011: Wow! I'm glad I'm not not the one who believe I'm likely to drive according to my mood to the song I'm listening to.

    It would be great if the radio stations, especially during rush hour period (early morning, evening after work, etc.) will play something that make all drivers feel patient, relax, calm and therefore can drive carefully.

    I don't know if this is going to be identical to previous comments here. I have seen a technology from Sony a while ago (sorry for I can't remember it's name). This thing can create a dot plot of your song library and group each population of songs; not according to genre but mood. I don't know in detail how does it work though. May be it analyses beat, tempo, sound wave, and may be also genre of the songs, then give them some kind of value to put them on graph.

    What I think is if we can use this similar technology, pick out songs in any "mood" that would make people drive safely; for example keywords such as "love", "relax", "happy", "lively" etc. and then within that groups it may allow us to pick genres or artists that we like as well as unselect those that we don't want to hear. I know that if I love, for example, heavy-metal songs, I might have less choice than those who like classical when it comes to picking song from these keywords.

    Song choice is just the beginning, I think, may be some recorded programs (i.e. podcast) are interesting too. What do you guys think?
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    May 18 2011: i like this idea, if it was like a SAFE DRriving FM station or something bulit into a GPS with wifi that can download current driving conditions and give the music according to it
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    May 14 2011: Interesting idea! Why not have a self-learning system that can learn driver’s favorite music and correlate it with their driving style and over time calibrate the system to influence the driving behavior.

    It is easy to do and, with few hundred testers, it can easily be validated.

    I would love to contribute to this idea, if someone wants to turn it into a product and/or service.
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      May 19 2011: No need for 100 testers, a team of 4 programmers, (2 enterprise, and 2 mobile ) one team leader, and 2 testers, a time of 6-12 months and a starting budget of around 30 000 euros and it can be created.
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    May 13 2011: I think it`s a very good idea,but maybe there`s some defects.Because not everyone would like the song choose by your system, if they were listening a favorite song ,then suddenly been changed for another ,maybe they would feel upset.
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      May 14 2011: This should not be a problem because the user can preselect his favorite music or the application can learn about his favorite music from his facebook profile.
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        May 22 2011: Might as well just build an entire music synthesizing program that has something like a thirty second variation timing where that the music would be made from tones and tempos that can be changed in a linked way. This way you driving song doesn't end, it just adapts to the situation. Then you can add parameters for different driving scenarios, such as if the driver is read to be driving aggressively the tempo can be slowed or the octave could be lowered seamlessly.