President, GCDF and Creator of VOW-TV's VOWW, Global Cultural Diversity Films (GCDF) Inc.

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Create a global WEBTV site on Internet for ordinary women doing extraordinary work @

During the 55th Commission on the Status of Women (22 Feb - 8 Mar 2011) hundreds of urban and rural social workers from Latin America, South and South-East Asia, the Middle East, parts of Eastern Europe, Russia, etc., arrived at the UN headquarters in New York to "voice" their urban and rural projects.

Unfortunately, major media attention was paid to celebrated diplomats, Ambassadors, Hollywood's Academy-Award winner Nicole Kidman, Geena Davis, Shakira, etc.,co-headed by Ambassadors-At-Large. There was H.R.H. Princess Cristina of Spain, ias President of the Institute of Health of Barcelona; Ms. Juju Chang, news anchor, ABC’s Good Morning America, served as emcee of the celebrations with CNN founder/Chairman of the UN Foundation, Ted Turner, who urged men and the private corporate sector to get involved in achieving gender equality.

After two weeks of aggressive video filming, we reviewed the videos of some dynamic women whose "voiceless" messages reached only a handful of listener, instead ofechoing in ther corridors of the General Assembly and UN conference rooms.

Therefore, we began research to launch "VOICES OF WOMEN" WORLDWIDE (invitng partnerships with major multinational IT companies) to create this 24/7 spinderwoman's global WebTV platform named VOW-TV and placed a substitute website on NING @

It will celebrate the historical UN 55th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) but focus more on "voices" of those voiceless women rejected by mainstream media

At this stage, the WebTV "VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE" will link - in a true global sense - unite voices of women North and South and assist "voices" for all those "voiceless women" to be heard, while sharing vital information, suggestions, and ideas via print, audio-radio, photo stills, digital/HD videos towards uniting the rural and urban lifelines across the Planet Earth.