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Have you traveled to or lived in the Antarctica? or know someone who has? Please share your experience

Antarctica is our fifth largest continent of 14 million square km (5.4 mil sq miles)

There are amazing Antarctican stories waiting to be told about its beauty, geology, history, flora, fauna, striped icebergs...

Yet, it has no voice of its own in the world.

Numerous TEDx organizers around our planet are interested to find and collectively curate stories from people who have been and worked in Antarctica

Please do share your stories with us, and also tell us where you are from.

For example, do you know...

There are 11 Antarctican 'citizens' who were born there- Who are they? Where are they?

There are research stations from 27 countries there -- What have they discovered? What ideas, knowledge do they have to share?


  • Jul 14 2011: Yes I lived there for a year about 10 years ago. I was working on the french base Dumont D'Urville, working for the Glaciology lab (LGGE Grenoble), doing a air sampling and analysis campaign. The aim was to understant how the polar atmosphere works so you can interpret better the ice core data!But I was jut the Tech guy.
    It was the most amazing experience, and it changed me deeply! That is the best place ever!
    Regards to all the TA52 missions, and all the polar people!
    Take Care
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      Jul 14 2011: Greetings Nicolas, Thank you for sharing -- Like to ask specifically, what was different about it compared to other new places, and could you share more about what you mean when you say it changed you deeply?