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Is finding of superbugs in Delhi drinking water and government assertion that the city's drinking water are safe, yet another similar case?

According to British journal Lancet -
The NDM 1 gene, which creates what some experts describe as "super superbugs", has spread to germs that cause cholera and dysentery, and is circulating freely in other bacteria in the Indian city capital of 14 million people.

"The inhabitants of New Delhi are continually being exposed to multidrug-resistant and NDM 1-positive bacteria", said Mark Toleman of Britain's Cardiff University School of Medicine, who published the findings in a study.

NDM 1, or New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1, makes bacteria resistant to almost all antibiotics, including the most powerful class, called carbapenems.

It first emerged in India three years ago and has now spread across the world. It has been found in a wide variety of bugs, including familiar pathogens like Escherichia coli, or E. coli.

The Delhi government Monday asserted that the city's drinking water is safe and debunked the study in the British journal Lancet that claimed presence of a superbug in New Delhi water. The government also rejected the author's claims that truth was being suppressed.