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What was the most amazing social experience you had and why?

I'm doing a research project on engaging, public, social experiences and trying to understand what makes them so special. Looking for patterns here, so, no wrong answers!


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  • Feb 20 2011: A sad story but I was told one Monday morning in high school of the suicide of a good friend. He was the smartest guy I knew at the time and the best athlete (though he'd never try out for any of the teams). I couldn't even get close enough to family members to find out more of Dewey. I still hurt inside when I think about all the waste - maybe he'd be a contributor to something SO special. I made no vow or other statement but I'm sure the reason I'm still alive is because I knew it was such an awful waste. He could talk to me as if I were a child and he an adult. The experience I had that day changed me as no other in my life.

    That days' impact has never left me, though it was long ago.

    It IS difficult to find an occurrence so amazing in my life, there are so many others of importance, but that changed my life more than any other.

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