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the TraffiCrisis: Automatic Automobiles & Efficiency

Do you drive over 30 miles to work everyday? Do you sit in rush hour traffic for 1, 2 hours to and from work? If you're like many Americans you do. The need for automatic automobiles is growing each and everyday. Our population is growing exponentially every single year and that means there will be more vehicles and more traffic year by year. With this added traffic what would take you 2 hours to drive today could take you 3 or 4 hours next year! This is an exaggeration but i needed to make a point. In our lifetimes we will have to deal with the "TraffiCrisis".

The best way to achieve greatest efficiency from transportation would require all the vehicles on the road to be in sync. If say, at a stoplight all the cars are stopped behind a red. The light turns green and 1-by-1 the cars start going. Finally, 5 seconds later after the light turned green your lift your foot off of the pedal. Imagine how much fast you could get moving, not to mention flushing the traffic, if all the cars were in sync and started moving at the same time. Also, if all vehicles could respond to each other they could move much faster in groups. What causes most accidents are people stupidity/selfishness, and i realized that it would be much faster and economic to remove the driver from the problem. Accidents also slow the traffic down greatly. If we have the cars on the road talking to each other at all times we could greatly reduce accidents and get the damn traffic moving.

Now that we have automatic vehicles: What would you do with your time? With the extra 2,3 hours a day i could sleep, do homework/study, workout, get ready, watch a movie, and the list goes on. So not only would we make our transportation more efficient, we would be more efficient with our time.

I don't have as many characters as I'd like but this is the idea i wanted to spread. If we plan on expanding society and making room for the future, we must find a new more efficient way to transport people.