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Why is it racism is put on a higher pedestal for hatred than sexism?

I have seen this throughout both my life and history; each time it makes me think harder on it. What I want to know is why sexism is not as frowned upon as racism. For example, if a white male makes a racist joke, everyone gets very angry, however, if the same man makes a sexist joke everyone laughs. That is a kinder way of representing it. But this is seen almost everywhere in different forms.


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  • May 12 2011: Austin's point should be sufficient, but I will add another point, at least as I this issue in North American society.

    Women defer to men out of their own accord. They do it all the time. How is that the fault of men that women choose to submit over and over again? If you want a higher paying job, assert yourself, if you want a to get paid like men do, assert yourself and demand it.
    Sexism is overrated.

    As far as the jokes go...
    We find it funny because of all of us are interested in sex. I think you'll find that that the people who are making the most jokes in this regard are sexually insecure. And this is not some "they make fun of you but THEY are lame", catty and childish comment, it's the truth.
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      May 13 2011: As uncomfortable as it is for me to admit, I see your point about submission, Deaven.
      How, if that is true, and women are doing it either out of the hard wiring of the brain or from social conditioning, will we get past these behaviours and thus the cooperation with our own second class status?
      In the past our biological role of lifebearers kept us more vulnerable but that time has mostly passed. Will it just take time for women to assume and wear the mantle of equality?
      Some religious folk would go back to the garden of Eden and the curse that was put upon women there "Your pains in child birth will be multiplied and your desire will always be for your husband".

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