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Why is it racism is put on a higher pedestal for hatred than sexism?

I have seen this throughout both my life and history; each time it makes me think harder on it. What I want to know is why sexism is not as frowned upon as racism. For example, if a white male makes a racist joke, everyone gets very angry, however, if the same man makes a sexist joke everyone laughs. That is a kinder way of representing it. But this is seen almost everywhere in different forms.


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    May 12 2011: I think it's all because of 1ity.

    Number of Races>Number of Sexes

    If some doctors invent 2 hearted human in close future, the hatred between people have 2hearts and normal ones will be more pedestal than sexism.

    Even they try to create marketing purposed 2+ sexes, the number will never be more than races.

    It's all about 1ity. The closer to one is always better and less hatred.

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