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We have globalized our businesses + industries, but how do we globalize people to be more open to cultural diversities that we don't like?

By globalizing people I mean - how do we live more in harmony with people or cultures that we don’t understand or agree with?

I was moved by these 2 mothers, but how do we move the general population to be open to not only exploring diversities of another person’s culture but also to venture to the similarities we share as these 2 women did beautifully?

They come from totally different backgrounds of life style, beliefs and cultural heritage; yet join in their similarities as mothers, as women, as people with open hearts and minds; plus share in the tragic loss of a child (death or the unknown).

What are you doing or what strategies or ideas have you considered to help us to globalize the people in our own communities or across the globe?

Just imagine the world when people ‘agree to disagree’ on any points, showing empathy and acceptance.

What are you already involved in ? I would love to hear what you are doing or your opinions on my question !

  • May 12 2011: Just because we have "offices and factories" in other countries, does not mean we have globalized people. I learned a bit by living in another culture for an extended time period. As I lived in Mexico, I saw "three gringos." The first gringo came into the culture and just wanted to use it as a means of personal gratification. The second came and wanted to "fix" everything. The third, and here is the key, came to listen and understand. People need a space in which they can communicate, learn and live another culture. I believe we can construct these kind of spaces even in the places where we build offices and factories. We can even start doing it electronically. They are intentional spaces though and will not just "come naturally." Even the first and second kind of gringo, given the opportunity, can enter that kind of space. It might be uncomfortable dealing with them, but it is the only way they can learn true diversity.