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What did you do to not to born as a citizen of a country which you call as "enemy"?

Let's try/see if TED "really" worth spreading and work for global answers for real problems.

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    May 12 2011: good idea!!Taplip so i guess what you trying to ask is what can you do when you are labled the enemy of another country just becuz of where you born? is that right?
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    May 12 2011: Hi.

    Amily;I think every language has an equal of the word"enemy"in it's literature.But Iquited using the1inTurkish which's called as"düşman".&I don't call my way of thought as a`good idea`.Because I even don't call it as an"idea".I think it can't be&"ideation".It's just a lifestyle&you can`only`live it.

    Why? Do Uinterested in why do I think like this?Because, if U're not able2live it, it's impossible it2 survive as an"idea"in ur mind.Because nearly all of us've 1s which/who we call asThe enemies ofOur`family`,our`nation`,our religion,etc.&there're many events which happened in the past which could pulsate our/ur brain&destroy this idea.Why'd we erase the word enmity from our lives if there some people still exist who did something bad2 peopleWho we give worth?Because we didn't choose it ownselves2be like that.

    So,we'd justPlace it inThe middleOf our life &start lookingAround &2other parts of the world from this aspect.

    I also thinkThat,the world's existance's somewhere between my way of thought &the end of life(some religious thoughts call the end as doom's day).

    `We cruise all2gether from1,2pieces.`

    I askUall(as it seemsOnly3people interested in to this)only that what did U do2 not 2 born as someone differentThan me?SomewhereAway from me?
    As I c in life,nearly everyone(not all) has something/someone to show hatred to."What did you do2 not2 be in place of some1/something which Ucall as enemy"s the simple question. PleaseTell yourThoughts inAsimpleWay.Explain&expand it.

    IJust sawMr.Jasper's question & I guess I've already answered it2.

    NowI'm expanding my question more.

    U/We come2world.Open our eyes.Time passes.Now;you have that way of lifestye & thoughts,&I've this way of1s.What's the difference?I call all the differences as1difference:

    "geographical location"Why?

    Because it'sAll bcauseOf it.It's so simple.Just look around.Did Uchoose the borders of ur country urself?DidUchoose the country urself?Ur skin?UrReligion?Ur`enemies`?Which? NOW time2answr! = ]
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      May 13 2011: Hi Talip well, i am still not sure what you are trying to say.(English is my second language)
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        May 13 2011: Amily I'm sorry for your situation... I could only say that it's your own problem to having problems with english. ( =

        But I try to explain with examples that what I tried to tell with my question:

        1)Amily(you) was born* in China.
        2)You grow up in China.
        3)You internalized most of the things(almost %100) what your Chinese geographical location expressed for you.
        4)After a while; you had beloved ones/things, radical thoughts(positive and negative), enemies, habits(good and bad), etc. everything...
        5)And now, you confront with someone else(for example now,me) and you have the differences with this person.

        Result: What I say is that all what you feel is only related with where you *BORN in.
        And the problem is, you didn't choose where to born your ownself.
        And it's really and completely a big nonsense to have an "ENMITY" feeling to someone else. Because you know the reason.

        The differences(reasons which force you to have radical negative feelings) originate only from where you were born in;

        It is your geographical location. And some other people who realize what I mean uses(exploits) your emotions and weak/vulnerable points to earn some worldly(fame,money,etc.) income.

        Did you get it?
  • May 11 2011: Can you rephrase your question?
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      May 11 2011: I think Talip ( very cool name) is trying to say that it sucks to be labeled an enemy just because of where you were born and or commenting on the capriciousness of fate.
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        May 11 2011: I see it that way too Tobias! What a great way to distill the craziness down to common sense,
        This point goes to Talip!
        I hope a lot more people drop by to read it!