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What are activities that you do to nurture and expand your ability to be creative?

After 30 years of studying creative thinking I have to the semi-conclusion that one can develop their creativeness in four general ways:

1) Knowing and understanding the blocks to their creativity (social, cultural, intellectual, emotional, etc)

2) Knowing about ones own creativity as well as others (the creative process, motivation, influences, etc)

3) Using creative inducing tools (Brainstorming, Mindmapping, etc)

4) And simply practicing....practicing ones own creativity.

What are the activities that you do to support your creativity abilities? These are things you do that further your creative mind, that enables you to think in original and useful ways. Things you do that enable your mind to be flexible in thinking and helps you to think in many different ways.

Your answers does not have to fall into any of the 4 categories above. Try to be as specific as possible. For example, art might be a way you practice your creativity but what is it about the art and how do you apply it so that it supports your creativity?


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    May 13 2011: I'm just beginning my journey to increase my creativity. When I was younger, I was much more creative & I found at some point between high school and college, that I was unable to get over the creative blocks & found myself to FEEL less creative. I guess "education kills creativity" is sadly true--at least institutionalized/structured education does. I wish that more schools would encourage and enhance the link between education and creativity, because I know that they can coexist.

    As for activities that support my creative abilities--sitting outside, watching movies and reading books that I otherwise would not, "doodling", forcing myself to write short/creative stories from start to finish, learning new languages, trying new foods, traveling to places i haven't been (even if they're only 15 minutes away--new scenery always helps), meeting new people and spending time with children (they see things in such a different way).
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      May 13 2011: Paige you are right..you are returning to what once was yours naturally..and you are right it is still within you enjoy your journey...

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