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If one is bipolar but can control both sides (mania/depression) to perfection, is that one truly bipolar?

Some refer to bipolar as a "manic depression." There is still a lot of confusion surrounding the subject and I hope my question gets the right people thinking about an interesting answer.


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    Jun 3 2011: Let answer your question by another question: if someone with asthma is well control does he still have asthma? Yes the pathology of the lungs is still present. Why would it be different for a brain that is deficient in certain neuroreceptors? My bipolar is control but at anytime life can send a curve ball my way and break that very fragile balance. For example, just the fact there to much light in my bedroom can affect my sleep and then affect my thought process. It's a disease like any disease and if present I believe will be there. Just like some people have very bad asthma other lighter one. Bipolar is the same. Some people have climb Everest without oxygen with asthma or made it to the olympic. Like any disease, how well the individual perform with it depend of the person, their surrounding support, ect. Even control, it's always waiting around the corner to come back in strenght.
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      Jun 3 2011: Daniel..wonderful..thnaks so much for your first person account. So valuable for everyone.

      Your comment that a curve ball can come at you from anywhere is an important elemnt in the trsuggle to find and stay in remission.. Is there any advice ytou could give on how to recognize siutaions that might throw curve balls or how to recognize that one is thrown aand about to confront you dircetly?

      I think tthe "curve ball suppport & readiness element" is one of the most challenging parts o finding and staying in remission.

      What do you do when you see a curve ball coming..do you have a practice that might be helpful to others trrying to maintain remission or to theirlsupport network?

      How can you know when the cirve ball risks are done?
    • Jun 7 2011: I like this analogy. I would submit that if one is truly bipolar, perfect control is unattainable, unless they experience a remission. Even then, the prognosis for continued remission is poor. Great question. Lots of answers.
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        Jun 7 2011: Hi Dan..glad to have you hereand glad for each and all that take an interest in knowing a little more about the devastation of this very prevalent disease and realising how close it maybe to each of us.

        I like to think that complete life long remission at a farily high quality of life may be posssible for lal who suffer bi-polar idsorder with the ight combination of personal and medocal support and , a lot of determination and will.

        It's certianly not easy and any of us who knows of anyone nearby who is working to schieve and stay in remission, what we do and say even in a casual encounter can be part of the support that makes it possible.

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