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create a wiki-philosophy web site

what do u imagine would happen if there would be a way for thousands of writers and editors to collaborate on one book. a book that can only be created by generations of people.
in this strange new world we are learning so much so fast, and many brilliant individuals are realizing the same basic things in very different disciplines and using very different words to Borden our civilization's spiritual state.

now of coarse the diversity of thought is the best thing that could happen,
but i cant help but wander, if we had the tools for it, could a basic common ideology form out of this movement of thought that is erupting in our lifetime?

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    May 13 2011: Gad: I think that is exactly what is now happening.

    Human society via ever increasing communication is becoming one. Ideas are being shared. Religions are fading. And the world is becoming ever more enmeshed.

    Don't you think?
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      May 15 2011: i totally agree, but i think were still in the stages of looking for structures that work..
      today i looked into for example, that is a type of interface that is allowing this
      kind of process to happen.
      i am suggesting a similar concept only in a more wiki type interface...
      i think it could be beneficial for getting a consensus of what words to use in description of high thoughts..
      a big problem today is that many ppl think the same but use different words for it.

      you see what im sayn?
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    May 12 2011: great! notice how with your input i can restructure this idea
    im not thinking of something that everyone can agree on :)
    im thinking of something that the more "enlightened" ppl, like some of the ted scene or other
    thought pushers would be interested in hacking.
    not for all the world, but for us!

    i will re edit the idea and tell me what you think then please
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    May 11 2011: I think you have a noble idea but it won't happen without a paradigm shift of momentous proportions. I remember studying psychology and each psychologist had a different name for the same thing. I asked then, why can't they just get together and call it the same when it is the same. Egos. That's why.

    Then there is religion . . . in no way, shape or form are the major religions of the world coming together on a basic common ideology.

    Sorry to be such a scrooge.