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Nuclear Energy: Given what has happened in history and the current energy crisis, does it have a future?

Curious as to what peoples' opinions are.


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    May 13 2011: We all know the reason why some hardworking community of people(nation/citizens of a country or state) like Japans face with such problems like the `Tsunami` and the nu-clear disaster afterward. The world politics prison people into some frontiers.

    TED wanted me to clarify my idea? Okey. I could do this.
    I meant that, we just born on Japan or USA or Turkey or somewhere else. It wasn't our choice not to face with such a disaster in Japan in place of the ones who died or survived.

    So; Japanese citizen, the people who want Japan nation to rise on the earth make investments on those `Japan` lands. Even they do know that Japan is in an earthquike zone. And the disaster is the result...

    I believe that the frontiers/borders going to be removed in the near future(not only ) and some portable/movable organizations like "diaspora"s going to represent those nations/countries. I mean the way like Israelian or Armenian Diasporas. Armenian Diaspora>Republic of Armenia. What I mean is that, as a result of globalization, world communities going to be closer and closer.(EU,SSSR,USA,Ottomans etc. are just like the beginning of this globalization process.)

    Restricting world communities with borders is outdated. We are not in stone age. Locations around the ecuador, earthquike areas or in other dangerous zones are not convenient for a living environment. So, human intelligence going to find a solution for those problematic areas like Africa or Japan in the near future and it will be a stable solution for future Nuclear Crises or Nuclear Disasters.

    So, Japanese is going to be free to rise his nation from a more health lands. Wars and enmity is going to decrease. With this, nuclear crises and disasters risks going to decrease. World is going to be powerful and more 1ited.

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