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What would it take to create the worlds most perfect island? The Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project.

Teachers and students from around the world are collaborating to build the worlds most perfect island. We are call our project "The Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project." Our work is based on the real island of Santa Luzia, Cabo Verde. This island is uninhabited. It is perfect for our global distance learning project. Most of our students are in high school. We are open to letting younger students participate. We just recently returned from the Cabo Verde Islands and spoke with the president, teachers, business leaders, and students. We are all in agreement and the project is now underway. We need your help. What would we have to do to create the worlds most perfect island? How would we even get started. What should we use for energy? How can we turn salt water into fresh water? How will we feed each other? How will we create jobs? Can different people from around the world get along with each other? What types of government will we create for each other? Is it possible to create an island off the West Coast of Africa where people can live in peace? You can follow the work that we have completed by visiting http://www.KidsTalkRadioUSA.com.

Side Notes:

This virtual international global learning project was started in the USA by educator Bob Barboza and his team at Super School University. Bob spoke the idea of "The Cabo Verde Tenth Island Project," at the International V Congresso on the Cabo Verde Island of Sao Vincente. Bob was then asked to present the idea to First Lady and President Pedro Pires of the Cabo Verde Islands. The US group then returned home to the US to start the project. When the project is complete Kids Talk Radio, Super School Teen TV, Super School Press and Youth World News will send a special audio and video podcasts to President Obama's "Race To The Top " education advisory team.

This project integrates Obama's STEM Program of studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics. We need your fresh idea?


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  • May 11 2011: Jr. Business School sees the Tenth Island Project as a fantastic opportunity for students to explore what it means to have sustainable economic growth. Some questions to propose to stimulate conversation would be: 1. What is needed to kick start entrepreneurialism? How do we minimize greed and monopoly in a growing free market economy? How do we improve the standard of living of individuals without losing their inherent culture and family ties? Can we expand a business without using debt? What are the basics of wealth accumulation and financial literacy? I could go on. To be brief, the Tenth Island Project provides a fertile backdrop for students to participate in a conversation which includes financial literacy on a multicultural basis...this is going to be fun!
    • May 16 2011: Why don't you print your own currency? I'd love to see what happens when a government has unlimited money, instead of being burdened with taxes and debt. Be sure to include a way to remove money from the economy to reduce inflation. Try keeping it to zero?

      EDIT: Shoot, I just now realized you aren't actually going over there and camping out! Still it sounds like a fun project. I hope your students learn a lot. I visited your website, must be a challenge to do this by correspondence.

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