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will painful experiences of life will help you in any way ?

pain is one of the greatest teacher,
pain broadens our vision,
pain keeps us simple,
pain minimizes our ego

  • May 11 2011: Whatever does not kill us, only can make us stronger! =D
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      May 11 2011: Austin that old saying has always annoyed me too. Almost as bad is "no pain no gain" That being said people who overcome adversity seem to be wiser and stronger in many instances. But for every one who benefits there is probably at least an equal number who acquire phobias or are physically debilitated.
      • May 11 2011: True, true. Good point. Though, I think we should all immerse ourselves in a healthy amount of adversity.
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          May 11 2011: Hi Austin! Over the course of a lifetime- adversity will find you. My approach is to do all you can sensibly do to stay safe because you will need your mental and physcial energies to overcome them when they arrive.
      • May 11 2011: Hi Debra,
        I always appreciate your input-- insightful as usual!

        P.S.- There should be a Debra button on here... When we're unsure on a certain topic, just hit the Debra button and Wah-lah! :)
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          May 11 2011: That's hillarious, Austin. I'll bet there are those who would rather have a Debra MUTE button.
          Thank you for the complement though. I am touched by it.
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      May 12 2011: I do understand what you are suggesting Juno but are there not people who by inner wisdom, good guidance or spiritual practice get their spirits molded without needing to endure suffering? Is suffering in and of itself good? If it is why is it good or better than other ways of learning lessons?
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        May 13 2011: Hai debra, Fragrance and taste of spices can be experienced only when they are crushed and broken.
        It is same in case of human beings
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    May 11 2011: Hi Juno,
    As I have said before, I hate to suffer. I do attribute many lessons to the experiences though. Broken hearts make us more tender with others. Physical pain teaches us what is really in our core being (what kind of person we are when the pressure is on.) Loss teaches what to really value.
    i just always pray that i can be open enough to the lessons of life not to need the pain to get it through to my head!
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