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Can we bridge the gap between people without jobs and tasks without doers?

I mean, those issues which are everyone's problem, but anyone else's responsibility! Those things we don't do, governments don't do, nobody does - but are still causing us trouble. Those problems. And those people without jobs. Won't we ever match them?


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    Feb 17 2011: Oi Diego
    Do you have any particular issue(s) in mind ? Anyway, I think there is not a single answer to this question.
    Part of the reason might be logistics. For example unemployed people probably are not aware that there are jobs out there waiting for them.
    Another reason might be that governments help too much in the case of a person being unemployed (especially true in Europe) that the unemployed has little incentive to look for a job and even less a job nobody wants to do in the first place.
    It also might have to do with pride. Somebody with an university degree would probably have to be close to dying of starvation before taking a job as garbage collector.
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      Feb 25 2011: I disagree sir. I feel that most of what you are saying is stereotypical and political slander. I would take a job as a garbage collector if i had few options. WPA is not welfare. The rich and powerful are subsidized--that's tax payer money--that's welfare for the rich. The bailouts was welfare for the rich--providing luxury vacations.

      Why not subsidize health care--creating medical jobs by the thousands and hundreds of thousands. Why not subsidizing green business and organic farming stimulating innovation and empowering communities.
    • Mar 15 2011: MOST people WANT to work. Why baspheme the majority of unemployed by stigmatizing them with erroneous labels, propogating slanderous opinions about individuals and groups you know nothing about? By doing so, you endanger them and their children in deep an countless ways. Please stop.

      Anyone making such pure conjectures and speculations should have a good long look in the mirror. Words such as these and put in such a way, could only come from someone whose guilt ridden conscious does not have the courage nor ability to face their own demons and take responsibility for their own actions. Their fear, anger and confusion have been petrified and pressurized inside themselves for so long that the only way they can feel relief is to project their maladaptive views of themselves onto an entire group of other people.

      Try something constructive for a change. Ever serve food for the homeless in a soup kitchen?

      Until you have walked at least 100 miles in another persons shoes you can't begin to fathom the reasons for their behavior.

      My favorite saying comes from the result of a published 10 year study on baboons:

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