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What ideas are MOST worthy of MASSIVE, IMMEDIATE & WIDE APPLICATION? WHY and HOW too?

We are swimming in amazing, fascinating and incredible ideas as we share more actively around the globe. Many of those ideas will have HUGE impact if we can find a way to APPLY them ASAP, as WIDELY as possible. Share you ideas, visions and concrete proposals as to which ones you feel will have either the BIGGEST IMPACT, BENEFIT and/or LIFE CHANGING EFFECT so that we can get together and hep put them IN MASSIVE ACTION. Let's connect ideas, people, organizations and energy to take the BEST Ideas to the NEXT Level - USEFUL & GLOBAL APPLICATION.

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    Feb 17 2011: My vision for a happy planet is 'happy hands, happy feet, happy' .....meaning...everyone so connected with 'oneself' that everyone's needs, desires and dreams are HOW DO WE collectively do that?

    Ki Maah my interpretation of the ultimate dance of humanity, dancing for the ultimate well being of oneself. Ki Maah is based on that Chi or Ki or Consciousness or God connection within our individual unique miraculous creative geniusness that connects with ALL LIFE force everywhere in the infinite universes. The first step is simple and easy getting in touch with that 'ENERGY' which involves the intuitive art of listening with all your multiple intelligences ( to each and every unique miraculous creative genius cell playing in perfected systems of harmony. The next step of the dance is MOVING or DANCING the ENERGY into around through each and every one of the 100 trillion cells in your body. Dancing with the creator(s). Dancing around and around and around the the heart of reality...the heart of your own individual unique miraculous creative geniusness. Once you start mastering the art of listening and dancing into all aspects of oneself the next step is all things POLITICS or RELATIONSHIPS engagement....learning to listen whole-heartedly to one another's Ki Chi Consciousness or life force energy ....dancing Ki Maah with another starting with the largest organ of one's body ...the skin. Integrating and dancing Ki Maah as ONESELF.....the next step takes you closer and closer to the final orgasmic experience of Ki Maah ...which is the entire planet dancing whole heartedly as oneself around and around and around the heart of the planet around and around and around the heart of the universes.

    All our most amazing miraculous experience of life was in BEING CO-CREATED....Ki Maah is the orgasmic experience of dancing that creative integration as ONESELF. Pelodom.
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    Feb 17 2011: My TOP 3 Ideas worth SPREADING, SUPPORTING & APPLYING the most are:

    1. Juan Enriques ideas about growing energy
    2. Paul Stamets6 Big ideas about mushroom's applications to save the world
    3. Janine Benyus incredible biomimcry solutions and innovative applications

    What are YOURS? How can we apply them faster, better and wider in each of our countries & regions?