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Can the random thermal fluctuations of dark energy be responsible for taking an originally perfectly smooth universe and making it lumpy?

From my understanding, we have an issue explaining the 'lumpiness' of the universe as we now see it, given that it had to have been perfectly smooth at the big bang, we would expect it to look uniform.
If we're saying that dark energy pervades all of space and causes 'random' fluctuations, couldn't one of those, at an early moment of the universe, be responsible for the slight change required in it's smoothness to manifest a universe like ours?
I guess the first question I'm interested in is what is meant by fluctuations caused by dark energy and are they 'random'?

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    May 13 2011: About the thermal properties of dark energy I am unsure, but could massive explosions such as super novas and strong forces such as black holes be a cause for the lumpiness?
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    May 10 2011: I loved the hubble deep space imagesshowing galaxies in what we thought was emptyspace stretching without end to and most likely past our visible horizon.. I loved the the images of what most assume is dark matter literally cradling each glaxy.each galaxylike the yolk of an egg nurtured and held into place by the dark matter.. ..I like the lumpy universeI like multi-verse..I like the idea that time is grainy..not linear..fills me with wonder