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Democracy vs. Dictatorship

It took France over 140 years to become democratic; USA, Germany, UK are no different. All those countries put sweat and blood in becoming what they are today. I can guarantee my bottoms that democracy can never work in an Islamic country. Look all around the world. Give me one example of a democratic Islamic world. And the developed world wants to influence their definition of democracy and that will not prosper. Look at what is happening in Egypt. Now there isn't any Hosni, but we don't even recall the name of the president. There is a big gap of leadership out there. And then we have checkered democracy in Pakistan. Yes the west must be happy and content that finally Pakistan is a democratic state. Three years completed of the current regime. The country has nose dived, uprooted with poverty, terrorism, intolerance, corruption. I know that a country whose majority doesn't vote and majority of those who vote are illiterate. They are under the influence of landlords who have flourished since independence and pretty much dictate the electoral process.They are backed by illiterate, captivated and cash strapped people who vote not to expect things will go better for them but to ensure they continue to live on the landlords land and get grains to lead their lives. They don't have guts to listen to their hearts. Landlords will continue to enjoy the ride as they will not allow their slaves to get education and the likely ability to question them. So filthy is this viscous circle that the country should be given to some outsiders as a brand to manage for 5 years. Their task will be to provide a system without any pressure to run the country. Democratic set-up will never have the guts to do it and the dictatorial regime will be too busy to please these landlords in order to extend their run in the power and the common man will continue to suffer.


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    May 11 2011: Though, I don't know much about Islamic World, I want to tell you my country's history. My home country, South Korea, has achieved democratization within just a generation. At that time, my state was a developing country under military dictatorship. And there were just few high educated people, the rest just graduated elementary school and were peasants or wageworkers. So many people said "It is hard that South Korea will achieve democratization in near future."
    However we has achieved democratization and we're really proud of it. Now we can demand the government better health care, social security, and so on. We can vote our president and our congressmen by our hands. These things, now taken for granted, were impossible just few decades ago. It has past just 23 years after democratization and we've still been facing a lot of problems to solve. But we've achieved a lot of things such as 5 peaceful president elections with 2 peaceful changes of government, continuous economic growth, better health care, education system, and so on.

    Though Islamic culture may be far different from what developed western counties say, it's could be wrong to say that it is impossible for Islamic world to achieve democratization.

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