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Passing Judgement to others? .. How often do we do this?

We all have our own perception of things. We have built up these perceptions either from different experiences we passed in, or being raised in a specific environment and culture, or affected by the traditions of our country, family or Tribe, and for some affected by their religion, or it might be a mix of all of the above.

At times, you might percieve yourself as an objective non-judgemental person, who always try to put him/herself in other people's shoes to understand their point of view and not passing judgement, better said to be compassionate. But Ultimately, if you think of it, you still have your own point of view and opinion about certain topics, that is considered conclusively as a judgement, whether it was in a negative or positive context!

Our beliefs and thoughts are molded every single day through the experiences we pass in or might be other people's expriences/and through reflections of life.

I believe Judgement could be passed ultimately after hearing both sides of the story and discussing the issue of concern, but it is sad to pass judgement on the spot upon seeing something only.

So, how often do you pass judgement to others before weighing things?

  • May 12 2011: I believe judgment is instinctual. I do not think someone can just decide not to judge everyone-- they have to first unlearn their judgmental instinct. It takes practice!
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    May 12 2011: I do, or did pass judgement, or jump to conclusions quite frequently and in the past year or so have just finally realized this. Most of my inferences were hardly accurate as I would habitually fabricate what I would guess their personality and general actions would be like based on outward appearance alone. An example of this was that under my silly presumptions, although subconsciously, I acted as if prettier girls were smarter and thus I used to get nervous around them.

    After some long, tough roads in my life, several encounters with Karma, and countless wake up calls by common sense, I have come to realization that every single person on this earth has their own individuality and right to express themselves however it is they please to do so. We have no reason/right to criticize anyone out of scorn because really we're hating ourselves by doing so. "Jealousy is the devil's greed" is a quote that I read somewhere and like very much. It makes perfect sense. By judging others negatively, we are either a) trying to make ourselves feel better or superior, b) comparing ourselves to that individual because we don't believe that we measure up to them.

    In terms of judgement, or just basic opinions of certain matters, I don't feel that they are necessarily bad as long as they aren't based on emotions. Emotions make people make irrational decisions because they act according to how they feel rather than logic. If judging something based on facts, references, and other involvements, put your 2 cents whenever you feel it necessary.

    I judge a lot of things in my life only because I have a strong voice and I am not afraid to voice my opinions about a matter. I have firm beliefs and morals and if they are questioned in anyway, I will be quick to judge. Especially if I feel someone is being disrespectful, I will be quite quick to fire smartass comments without thinking of the consequences.