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What is the validity of concept of impossible?

There is a very basic event, evolution of life on earth, which seems impossible, but yet has happened, so should we limit our imagination by thought of impossibility?

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    May 9 2011: Read Jane Eyre find out it's very objective
  • May 9 2011: We shouldn't restrict our thinking by the thought of improbable, but not necessarily impossible. To build on what Brian said, the definition of "impossible" has been warped into more of a definition of "improbable". Though, something that is truly impossible (like saying: a triangle has 4 sides, red=green, etc.) I see no problem letting that restrict one's thinking.
  • May 9 2011: Unfortunately the term impossible has become rather crude. For instance people a few decades ago said it was impossible to break the four minute mile, even though the record at the time was 4:03. Impossible is a term that is widely over used and overly simplified. It is impossible for me to right now jump to the moon and back within thirty seconds. But if I were to say it is impossible that people will be able to get from here to moon back here in 30 seconds. The future is evolving at an unpredictable rate that no one can predict. Impossible is becoming possible so why keep thinking that things are impossible? To answer your question directly No.