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Have you encountered artists working in miniature?

Shona Rae, an artist in Calgary Canada, also does micro miniature art but as jewelry. Bigger than the head of a pin, but admirably small for certain. Her site is here: http://shonarae.com/

Has anyone else come across similar artists working in miniature? I'm interested in writing an article incorporating a number of examples worldwide.

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    May 13 2011: Oh and my sister just returned from Chicago where they have an incredible miniature exhibit at one of the museums there. My sister is fascinated by antique miniatures.
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    May 10 2011: I remember a CBS Suday Morning piece on a British artist with a poignant story involving being bullied as a youth. His stuff is extremely small. Good luck.
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    May 9 2011: I've seen a few such things like rice painting (using individual grains of rice as the canvas) but I don't know of any particular artists. and also one guy that built pictures into tinny microscopic circuits, cartoonish little things, but again, can't remember the guys name.