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Could video recordings alleviate OCD for most people?

For example, while performing an important task on a computer, the user can take a video of the session using software such as the QuickTime Player.

When not on a computer, the user could use an iPhone say to record videos/pictures while checking water taps, the oven, locking the front door, etc.

Note that the videos/pictures would be timestamped automatically.

Would this treatment be effective for most people?


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    May 17 2011: I don't think that this would be useful. OCD is a lot more than just flipping light switches and checking to make sure the stove of off.

    Seema C is correct in saying that a good doctor and a strong support network is the best thing that is realistically possible with today's resources... But Seema C's assertation that this was a surveillance tool to watch the OCD sufferer is incorrect. I believe this system is meant to be an enabling tool for the person with OCD acting as some sort of external memory aid... As if OCD was a memory or self-trust problem...
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      Jun 22 2011: Conner ................OCD is a self-trust problem

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