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Reading is slow and boring compared to new faster media. Myth or fact?

The idea that people don't read books anymore pops up regularly and is hardly ever contested. It is suggested that audiences will choose videos over articles and dvd's over novels, and that the reason for this is that reading is SLOW while new media are FAST.

I find however, that I can absorb much more information spending five minutes reading an article than I can watching a video, and I certainly get much more out of 10 hours of reading a book than out of 10 hours watching a season of a popular tv-series. The written word is in fact FAST: it takes less time to transfer more information.

Why then the myth that reading is slow and that is why it is less popular?


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    May 12 2011: While reading, everything takes place in your head and not on a movie screen. You brain adds details that you can never imagine a movie to have, your imagination takes over and you are in a different world. Read a really good author and you'l know what i mean.

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