Sumair Lalani

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Everyone is buzzing around to actually know Where it's Happening ... rather to know What's Happening ... Let's buzz

With reference to this conversation II would like to invite and pursue your concern towards my privately owned project about "social events in university life". We, the students are all concerned about our higher studies well accompanied with execution of terrorizing books and theoretical classroom knowledge in a professional setting. The thing that is really missing from our lives is to find the right place & an interesting event at real time.

All your concerned organizations, clubs, societies are well perceived in the minds of students and popular in masses. But students often fail to connect to them with their studies and work assignments. Lack of disseminating right information is another fatal cause. This project entitled "All Pakistan's Social Events Resource Center" is my first initiative to provide an online information center about social happenings, projects, events organized by respective institutions to create a one stop for the students and faculties to encourage and organize themselves best fit for their concern social & academic activities.

Therefore, I need support and acceptance from the people I admire and follow the most to bring out best possible solutions for learning classroom lessons while creating a professional and interactive atmosphere for their careers ahead.