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Replacing body parts(PBS, NOVA)

The technology is there to producing the patient own body part by using an scaffold of an animal body part which have been washed out of cells. let’s take the technology out of USA and give it some freedom in countries that don’t have the complicated stages of the AFDA, not that the AFDA in not efficient but there are so many people suffering from lake of donation and so many others suffer from crimes and corruptions follow the lake of healthy organs for donation.

  • May 8 2011: The wish to progress medicine especially the urge to find a cure for ill people we love has led to grate results. Please consider though that the AFDA has reason to exist. I admit that the bureaucracy holds back process of finding a cure, that is also the reason why, after my opinion, the technology should not be given out to another country only because they have less barriers. More importantly a solution should be found how to optimist the bureaucracy. I know that this isn't an easy task but it can't be reasonable to always shove experimental medicine to other countries that might have the same barriers when are as developed as the US. This might mean that this technology will not develop as fast but for future technologies this might better.
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    May 8 2011: It is a great idea. I can think of many countries that can advance this technology very quickly and it would benefit to all human beings, all over the world.