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The evolution theory & religion

In many people views this two are very opposite even irreconcilable and I agree with them , but what do you think ? Should we strive to find a relation of compatibility between this two ?
Do you think only one is corect and the other is certainly false or both have corect parts and false parts?
What is the relation between this two ? is there one?
Where are we going to in our evolution process ?


Closing Statement from E G

Thank you all for your participation to this conversation , have been said many things about the relations between the evolution theory and religion in this conversation , some of you think that there is no relation between them , some of you think like me that there are some relations and this two are compatible ,partially at least, but anyhow it is a thing is certain : you are in the middle of it , it's up to you.Perhaps we the humans will never reach at an agreement but whatever you think (this is important: to think) try to carve your way to truth .
I've saw also here on this conversation some 'special guys' who put themselves to extremes , one of them until I mentioned the name of a scientist I was talking for nothing (even though when I’ve done it I was saying and some stupid things ) , the others was neglecting completely the evolution theory but this are the usual extremes .
Don’t forget : It’s up to you , make it to be rational and true as much as possible ................good luck.

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    May 8 2011: To me, evolution theory makes human being responsible for his life : we grow and get new skills to deal with our environment, to adapt.
    Some religions or at least the way they're understood make us irresponsible people, waiting for our fate to decide.
    But some spiritual movements seem to be evolution-bound since they make us rise and awaken spiritually, i think.

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