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Why did IBM Watson get questions wrong? Shouldn't it have been right 100% of the time? Or nearly?

In game 2 especially, Watson seemed to answer incorrectly quite a bit. Why?

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    Feb 20 2011: I think is a problem of comprehension.To answer a question is not equal to use search
    engine,computer should to understand the whole meaning of a sentence,not just several key
    words. I think if there could be a computer or a software could understand every sentence very
    correctly,that no person will need to learn another language just as me,because we just need a
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    Feb 19 2011: Bear: to bear up, bear: to press down, bear: an animal. Many English words have several meanings. Analyzing the questions to determine which meaning is meant was a big hurdle. Also, Jeopardy is known for confusing phrasing. In a contest of straightforword questions and answers Watson would have a much higher rate of success.