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What poems are most powerful to you?

I am astonished at how powerful poetic writing can be - yet poetry remains out of the reach of so many people today.

My hope is to collect here some of those poems that mean so much to people so that others can share the transcendant feeling that good poetry brings.

I would also like to know where others find their poetry - where are the best places to hear it, what are the publications that print it, the courses that teach how to read it, etc.


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    May 13 2011: Love poems are more powerful to me.

    From "Low Love" for a worldly(open to death) reason or creature or "Deep Love" for something some everlasting reason(something cover all world people, all creatures or directly cover all the reasons/creator).

    Most powerful poems are Deep ones for sure(my personal opinion=]).

    Dear administration could I use a link to show some examples?
    I want to share one powerful poems owner who was "2007 Year of Mevlana" on all the earth by UNESCO. Just take a look to the poems on the page is quite enough to inspire you:

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      May 14 2011: Ah, Rumi... I was in Turkey a couple of years ago and watched the whirling dervishes dance to music and his poetry. Very intoxicating!! I love the soul of Rumi...

      Thanks for sharing this!

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