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how would you choose a degree programme that is suitable for you and up to your parents liking?

This is what most teenagers in Malaysia experiences.They often choose a career that their parents don't like.In my case, I am a 19 year old ready to embark into the university life.However,before I even started my degree programme , I am stuck with the choices I have.Personally, I would love to do actuarial science but my parents would prefer me to continue my studies in the area of medicine or pharmacy.What should I do now?

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    May 9 2011: You have one short live to live, as Nafissa mentioned don't alienate your parents but you must follow your heart. When you look at many of the community who are TED we have all at some point or other been faced with similar sittuations. Many of the isnoiring speakers have overcome huge obstacles to follow their dream. the difference you may make in the world by following your calling.
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    May 9 2011: Just let them know what are the job market for what you love to study and how wonderfull you could make a lot of money for a cofortable life:)
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    May 11 2011: After much prayer to God,I finally made up my mind to further my studies into actuarial science.With my parents consent,that is.This is what I want to do and I am glad that I did not hurt anyone's feeling through the process of achieving my goal.All of the advice that my TED friends have shared with me has helped me a lot during this complicating times.To all of you, I wish you heaps of thanks.To anyone who is going through the same dilemma, I wish you guys the best and I hope that you guys find the solution before it's too late.