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Can good win?

In our world negative emotions are more weighty than positive emotions. It’s extremely important for survival and therefore consolidated genetically on the level of natural instincts. One mistake can destroy your life while one pleasure is one extra bright moment only. To explain us this simple arithmetics understandably, the nature hypertrophied negative feelings and got them very memorable. The power of negative emotions is so strong that we usually need only one repetition to memorise our fail for all.

Negative emotions - negative reactions, negative reactions - negative actions. If our malice, envy or jealousy settle inside of us and hurt us from within, outside we act according to our emotions. History knows a lot of examples when deceived, deserted or unfairly offended people devoted all their lives to vengeance, maniacally arranged every their step in order to achieve satisfaction. Do we know a lot of opposite examples?

Of course, the nature also took care about negative / positive balance mechanisms. Human’s psyche usually forces out negative emotions in long-term perspective, remains in memory more bright than bad moments. Fear and social pressure hold us back from the manifestation of direct aggression. But, however, we survive because of negative, not positive emotions, and it means that people never become more kind.


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    May 7 2011: It has to.
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      May 8 2011: or else?
      • May 9 2011: i believe she is stating a learned reaction. since as far back as i can remember good always triumphed over evil. whether its a Disney movie, video game or just stories of world war one, stories taught to children always seem to end the same: good beats evil.

        its only until we age that we learn that that's not every side of the story. while good can't always win, we always believe it will.
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        May 9 2011: As always an insightful question Krisztian.If good does not win and evil were to take over % by % year by year humanity must surely cease to exist.

        For me, the light has to banquish the shadows. I believe that goodness is at the core of most hearts. I do not believe this as a sort of PolyAnna perspective but when I read the research of neuroscience and when i examine the lives of the majority of people I think it is the greater, larger, more human truth that has been hobbled and tortured into submission by the fact that evil is willing to use one tool that goodness is usually not willing to use- VIOLENCE.

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