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Can good win?

In our world negative emotions are more weighty than positive emotions. It’s extremely important for survival and therefore consolidated genetically on the level of natural instincts. One mistake can destroy your life while one pleasure is one extra bright moment only. To explain us this simple arithmetics understandably, the nature hypertrophied negative feelings and got them very memorable. The power of negative emotions is so strong that we usually need only one repetition to memorise our fail for all.

Negative emotions - negative reactions, negative reactions - negative actions. If our malice, envy or jealousy settle inside of us and hurt us from within, outside we act according to our emotions. History knows a lot of examples when deceived, deserted or unfairly offended people devoted all their lives to vengeance, maniacally arranged every their step in order to achieve satisfaction. Do we know a lot of opposite examples?

Of course, the nature also took care about negative / positive balance mechanisms. Human’s psyche usually forces out negative emotions in long-term perspective, remains in memory more bright than bad moments. Fear and social pressure hold us back from the manifestation of direct aggression. But, however, we survive because of negative, not positive emotions, and it means that people never become more kind.


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  • May 7 2011: The year is twenty eleven and there is evil in the world I thought we would be done with it by now but there it is. We still have slavers and pirates, organized crime and drug pushers, starving children and on and on. Pirates Really? My god its 2011. Never ask if good can win just remember every day that good cannot be defeated. Once you have remembered that good cannot be defeated ask yourself what did, I do to defeat evil today. Today I posted some word of encouragement on ted, this week my wife volunteered at the local food bank, and last month my sister in law made some micro lone on Kiva. Each of these thing produced positive emotions reactions and feelings it’s just as easy to be positive as negative. This is not about religion it’s about good and evil. I am a good person and as such everywhere I go I try and stand against the darkness. Its 2011 and people all over the world in many countries are arresting slavers and drug traffickers and pirates. I believe good can never be defeated and that as a race mankind can and should do better. And so to answer your question, not only can good win, but because it cannot be defeated it will eventually win by default. It turns out that even evil people take no joy in evil.
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      May 8 2011: Yes, you are right. But if evil cannot be defeated too, why good wins by default? It's a kind of parity where every part lives in a balance, and every trying to move this balance to the bright side a bit leads us to the rollback...

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