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Could the universe be expanding at an accelerated rate because it exists in a vacuum?

Sean Carroll talks about dark energy, a pulsing energy that cannot be seen but exists within every part of space, as the reason for the the universe accelerating the speed for which it expands. I'd like to propose another explanation.
If you teleported a marshmallow into the center of a vacuum tube, it would explode to fill the vacuum.
Could the universe be in the center of a cosmically large vacuum and expanding to fill it?
Are there other explanations for dark matter?
Do marshmallows expand at an accelerated rate when teleported into vacuums?


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      May 7 2011: I wouldn't consider myself stupid. Just getting my feet wet on some complex concepts.
      I hope you have a very good day.
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        May 8 2011: I'll tell you something complex how fragile or earth's economy really is, Here's complex yet so simple, it'll broaden your mind for sure go check out wikipedia "Scotland" click all sorts of links, check out (Gasglow?) check out what inventions were made or re-created and what leader ship builders they are to this day.

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