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What are the opinions on the view of moving away from lecturing to facilitating shared learning in a more creative environment?

Recently I have looked a lot at shared learning, this is centred around the idea of peers helping each other learn through creative thinking. With the vast knowledge available through the internet and companies such as Ted, twitter, you tube a student can learn so much on their own from industry leaders. Does this mean a change in how we learn is needed moving away from lectures to sessions which encourage shared learning from peer to peer. The idea of facilitating is still quite new but a conversation and a dialogue should begin now about how this can be incorporated into education to make it more useful, relevant and up to date.


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  • May 19 2011: I believe that in order to move from lectures to shared learning, ather aspects need to be considered: attitudes and values. I think we all learn more when we share in the spirit of learning, knowing that we do not and can't have all the answers, but at the same time, our view is unique and therefore plays a part in the whole. Knowledge is always changing, as human beings change all the time, so if we are to move from lectures to shared learning, we need to keep that in mind and work on the learning with a humble attitude, confident that amog a group we may find better answers and solutions. I truly believe in the power of sinergy among people who work/learn together in an environment of cooperation and mutual support, that allows and encourages everyone to be creative.
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      May 27 2011: This is great, sums things up excellently . Being humble is a key point as an egotised person can sometimes find it hard to take on new ideas I think part of the problem Meher below was getting at. In the correct environment and managed correctly shared learning is very important and can build great ideas.

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