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What is most important?

What is most important?

Seems like a fairly straight forward question and yet, in my experience of exploring this topic with others, it seems that few people have answered it for themselves.

In answering this question please include what you think is MOST important, why it deserves such priority, what you do to pursue or achieve this important thing, and also at what costs.

If for instance, if you think that love, truth, family, or community, sustainability, or financial stability, or health, etc. is what is most important, then please articulate why it takes precedence over other things, how it comes into conflict with other values, what you have done to understand this important thing, and how you go about achieving and maintaining it.


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    May 6 2011: Freedom.

    But freedom is something that is so wide that parts of it is truth, love, community etc. etc.
    Freedom is everything. Everyone. Not just you, not just me. All the people.
    Every starving child in the world, everyone that is sick, the ones working for any company in the world.
    The middleclass, the uppe class.

    We all need and deserve freedom.

    The thing I do to get more freedom in the world is to try to spread my own thoughts and experiences to people.
    In many different ways, this is one, but also I do alot of music and I talk to people all the time about what I se in the world and how I feel about it. Also I talk alot of how we could be more free and how everyone could strive to a more free and loving world.

    Most people feel the same, but many people are so blinded that they don't se that we aren't completely free in this world. That's why I belive I can help people by showing them what I know.

    And if they dont like what I say it's up to them to deside if they want to learn from me or not. Im not forcing anyone :)

    But a completely free society is everything I can ever dream of !
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      May 7 2011: @Bobby... It would seem that freedom means something very different to me than it does to you. Freedom to me means lack of boundaries or limitations. how do you define it?

      philosophers such as Lock, Hume, and Rousseau in conceptualizing theories of Social contracts supposed that we trade Freedom for liberty in order to build society. We develop laws that prevent a persons freedom to do what they want and create institutions to regulate those laws to protect us from one another. Whatever those laws don't disallow are called liberties and those are limited to protect sanctioned "rights".

      Freedom to me means that my actions aren't institutionally regulated, or that I can do what I want when I want how I want and am only subject to the direct consequences of my actions, free from institutions intentionally designed to regulate those actions with specific bureaucracies.

      what i'm getting at: Is a persons freedom more important than another persons wellbeing. If i am truly free, that means that i am free to do harm just as much as I am free to do good. But maybe you are talking about freedom in a different context, please elaborate.
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        May 8 2011: I would define freedom as having the capacity to fully develop our gifts and potential without limiting the development of the gifts and potential of others.
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      May 7 2011: Freedom from what?
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          May 12 2011: sounds like a pre-social contract , primal romp to me...

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