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How do quantify reputation?

How do you quantify the reputation of a person?

- WHAT do you look for?
- WHERE do you look for?
- What is the HIERARCHY?

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    May 6 2011: Abraham Lincoln
    Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is; the tree is the real thing.

    For me that says it all.
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    May 6 2011: It would be great if we are able to quanitfy every aspect of our life.But that's not the case , though we frequently use adjectives like huge, enormous, high etc to quantify qualitative things.

    As for reputation one thing I am sure even a so called " HUGE Reputation" earned through life long effort can be ZERO in a moment, with a wrong step taken.

    Sorry could not think of any measure like Kilogram, Kilometer etc to measure it :)