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Beliefs : they can help us reach success or they can act as powerful brakes. What are your 3 major limiting beliefs ?

You know, we all got these awful beliefs about ourself or about the world :
"I'll never make it at school anyway"
"I can't calculate, how could I start a business"
"World is a jungle, every man for himself"

What are yours ? Do you know them ? How do you deal with them, overcome them maybe ?

Hint : think about stressful situations and hear what your inner voice says.

Next step is : what can you do about it ?


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    Jun 13 2011: Hello everyone ! How about Mark Twain's suite : "They did not know it was impossible, so they did it." ?
    They're also this tale of a frog hopping up a huge mountain as part of a frog race. The frog supporters go "come on, no one can do this, just Forget it" So one by one all the frogs quit... But this one. When she reaches the mountain top without turning back they all realise that she's def.

    What about you ? What are you def to ? What does it allow you to achieve ?

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