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Beliefs : they can help us reach success or they can act as powerful brakes. What are your 3 major limiting beliefs ?

You know, we all got these awful beliefs about ourself or about the world :
"I'll never make it at school anyway"
"I can't calculate, how could I start a business"
"World is a jungle, every man for himself"

What are yours ? Do you know them ? How do you deal with them, overcome them maybe ?

Hint : think about stressful situations and hear what your inner voice says.

Next step is : what can you do about it ?


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  • May 18 2011: I once read that if you write about yourself, and describe yourself, do it three times. The third time is the most accurate.
    1. I majored in my weakest subject in college.
    2. No one values me so I am paid very little.
    3. I have gifts that are special but invisible to others.
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      May 20 2011: Hello Charlotte,
      So here's your first self-description, right ? We're waiting for second and third since 3rd shall be more accurate.
      Points 2. and 3. look like self-beliefs indeed : did you ever try to check that with other people ? See what they really think of your value and gifts ?

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