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What's the overlooked gem, the book I haven't read that I must?

Every reader has at least one, that book that never caught on, or is out of print, but that resonates so much with people that they can't forget it. I still remember reading "The Republic of Tea" on the Sunday it came out years ago. And of course, Steve Pressfield's "The War of Art" which I've purchased and handed out a dozen times so far...


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  • Feb 17 2011: I've recently finished Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, and it is one of the most iconoclastic books I've read, while remaining very clear and understandable - I had to get the following book, The Story of B, immediately, and I'm reading it now.
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      Feb 17 2011: I read Ismael, followed by My Ishmael and The Story of B as young adult many years ago. Until this day I'm sure that this trilogy changed my life profoundly. Back then it was the first really different way of seeing and thinking about the world I have encountered. Now, many years later, these books still hold a place of honour in my living room as they remind me that there are always differnt ways to look at the world. This is a recommended read for adults and kids as well.

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