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What's the overlooked gem, the book I haven't read that I must?

Every reader has at least one, that book that never caught on, or is out of print, but that resonates so much with people that they can't forget it. I still remember reading "The Republic of Tea" on the Sunday it came out years ago. And of course, Steve Pressfield's "The War of Art" which I've purchased and handed out a dozen times so far...


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    Feb 17 2011: Sarah Blaffer Hrdy's "Mother Nature", which I encountered quite by accident, is an authentic, honest look at the behavior of human mothers and children. I have a bias against sociobiology in general as I find the parallels drawn often rather result oriented. But this book changed the way I look at family, parenting, social status, and work. Dry in places. But good.

    Claire Cooperstein's "Johanna" is a beautiful piece of "faction" about Vincent van Gogh, told through the letters and diaries of his sister in law - without whom we might not now have his art to enjoy. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

    Terry Pratchett's "Nation" is not at all what I was expecting from Pratchett. But very lovely.

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