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That Autism and Aspergers are unique in the amount of false information and rumors surrounding the topic for 50 years.

That the dominance of Bruno Bettelheim and the late discovery of Hans Asperger in the US,resulted in anti-science and transparent charlatans dominating the field.
As soon as an articulate autistic person,Temple Grandin,spoke-it gave a completely new and opposed interpretation.Same happened with Asperger savant Daniel Tammet.Their version of the experience is nothing like Bettelheim described.A book on all the fake science on the subject needs to be compiled for parents.

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    May 6 2011: When I was in high school I studied the lives of all the leaders in theoretical physics and came to a dead stop at P.A.M.Dirac.He was the exact clone of my Swiss grandfather,an inventor and industrialist.Years later we learn that Dirac and many of this fellow scientists had Aspergers and that Dirac was the gold standard.All this comes to light only after Bruno Bettelheim is dead.
    It is intolerable that at this late date we have almost as much false information as when I was a teenager.Parents need to know that facilitated communication and anti-vaccine rumors are false,are frauds.