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Would world become better if there were no Ego??? How to overcome "ego" ???

Often I observe how EGO doesn’t allow people to do a social good …
And often think that world might become better if people were less Egocentric.


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    Jun 5 2011: This conversation will close down in 3 hours, but before it will close down I want to thank all who participated and shared their experience, knowledge, insights, stories and resources… This has been a great experience… TED is a great place for wisdom sharing and this conversation has been a fantastic space with its energy and spirit…I think, I personally found many answers I have been looking for ages ….I also collected gimps of wisdom from all of you, most importantly I made new friends :)…

    And… I also experienced this great feeling of Ubuntu here, because same great people helped me with facilitation and with the idea of making something out of the wisdom we collected her… in the middle of our conversation “I” become “we” and hope “we”’ll continue working on passing to the next stage of our conversation ….:)

    Ubuntu forever and inner balance and harmony to all of us :)

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